In our kitchen we have local dishes that we are very proud of. Menorca is not only beautiful, it is also very pleased with its products, which are used to elaborate dishes that are simple, but exquisite at the same time. Its cheeses and pork products, like the “sobrasada”, sausages or the irreplaceable “cuixot” offer a lot of possibilities when cooking. Not to forget its excellent fishes, the powerful “Cap-Roig” amongst others, its delicious Red Prawn and of course the Lobster, the incomparable Lobster, it's not just its exquisiteness, he's also Menorca's best host!

So our kitchen is Mediterranean with a home-made touch, assuring at all times that products are of good quality and as fresh as possible.

At the same time we give the products that are to be prepared the best possible treatment. We choose them and we pamper them. There's no other secret to it!

And don´t forget to enjoy a nice lobster